The Team

The perfect team to help further your child's education of the arts.


Beth Wells

Beth Wells is the president of the board for the Social Circle Theater. She has produced most shows that the theater has presented in the last thirteen years.  Beth is a registered nurse and has raised three daughters, Maggie, Sarah Beth and Rachel.  Beth is married to Hal Wells.  Her whole family has participated in various shows at the Social Circle Theater.  Beth's favorite time was when she was able to perform as M'Lynn in Steel Magnolias with two of her daughters and her niece.


Tera Duval

The Go to Girl! Tera manages everything from rehearsal times to keeping the books. She is the mother of JD Duval. If there is a question then Tera can help. She is the one who is at the theater during the day to take your calls. So if you have a question, ask Tera.


Sarah Beth Gregory

Sarah has been a part of theater since she was 6. She has been in many productions including Steel Magnoilas where she played Annelle,  Annie where she played Mrs. Hannigan, and many more productions. Sarah has been the Director for many summer camps and is now directing the Well Diggers troupe. She enjoys sharing everything she has learned over the years and passing it down to the children she teaches.



Bill DeLaune

Bill is our musical accompanist. He assists in many of our musicals and productions. He not only plays the piano, he has a wide assortment of instruments such as the trumpet and guitar.


Rachel Wells

Rachel has been apart of the SCT for 17 years. She is currently the Creative director for the theater, and also the director of the Rising Stars. She loves to grow her theater skills while also helping those around her do the same.  She has studded under many different directors at our theater and also at surrounding theaters.   Rachel loves working with the Rising Stars and tries to help each one see just how special they are.   



Joe McDaniel

Joe Is the theaters lighting technician. He also works during the week to keep other tech aspects and various things in line. You'll never see him on stage but you can always find him behind the scenes.